We are just about to close out on our first week of youth lacrosse with 232 5th-8th graders! Our 1st-4th grade registration is still open and currently have 102 kids eagerly waiting to start after Spring Break.

Thank you to all the volunteer coaches who are helping to make this all a success!

Time change on Sunday, so the boys will return to their normal practice times. It’s a lot faster for us to throw up an announcement on Instagram and Facebook, so don’t be shy on checking those resources if you anticipate any changes. Please know we are at the mercy of the school district for closures, so if they elect to close, we will too.  Practice schedules in header above.

Our varsity programs are offering wonderful programs this weekend with their fundraising efforts.  Register via Community School.

1st-4th graders: start competing your forms. Need to be done prior to the first practice. LOYL forms in the header above.

Save yourself the tears when your child realizes they wanted a sweatshirt or other fun optional item. Order now to get by the beginning of the season!https://loyl.gearupsports.net/

We are anxiously waiting for our shipment of new uniforms. You will purchase and pick out all the same day. TBD.

Help us to get the word out to our little ones about how awesome the sport of lacrosse is. Registration is open until the end of Spring Break.  Registration in header above.

Once teams are formed, you will receive a TeamSnap invite. Communication from us and your coaches will come from TeamSnap. The school district just shared the second parent email with me, so hoping to get those uploaded when we get launched.

Have a great weekend and stay healthy!

Jessica Stalick
LOYL Communications

ps. One of our moms lost her car keys at Hazelia last night. Please let us know if you saw any.

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