What is Lake Oswego Youth Lacrosse?

Lake Oswego Youth Lacrosse (LOYL) is a community based, nonprofit, 501C3, organization run by volunteers and dedicated to spreading the great game of lacrosse throughout our town.  We run programs for boys and girls - 1st grade-8th grade. Our main goals are to foster player development, sportsmanship, and teamwork within a fun, and, progressively, competitive environment.  We seek to teach lacrosse to the broadest base of players at each grade level.  We proudly serve all Lake Oswego and Riverdale school boundaries.

When is the season?

Lacrosse is a spring sport for both boys and girls and starts in late February/March with 1st/2nd starting in April.

Can my Child Play this in addition to another sport?

Yes, we have lots of kids who play multiple sports.  A conversation you can have with your coach once teams are made.  This is a recreational sport and kids who show up and are committed may see more playing time than those who don't attend practices.

How old does my child have to be to play LOYL lacrosse?

Our program starts at the 1st and 2nd grade level and goes through 8th grade.  At present, LOYL's programs are divided by school grade (1st/2nd; 3rd/4th; 5th/6th: and 7th/8th).

How do I sign up for LOYL?

Under the Registration tab on this website you can register!  Prior to signing up, players will need to have a US Lacrosse number.

If my child is in X grade and hasn’t played lacrosse before, is it too late for him/her to pick it up?

NO!  Although a new lacrosse player may lack comparable stick skills to more experienced players, we have found that new players close that gap quickly.  Many of the most successful players in our high school programs did not start lacrosse in early elementary school.


In today's culture of hyper-competitive youth sports, LOYL takes pride in offering a sports experience for all players and all skill levels, from 1st through 8th grade.  Our rec program does not cut any player and it welcomes every player.

What rules of play does LOYL use?

Lake Oswego Youth Lacrosse uses the US Lacrosse ruleset. US Lacrosse uses the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) rules that are amended by the US Lacrosse Youth Council and the Oregon Youth Lacrosse Association (OYLA). Information about NFHS rules with US Lacrosse and OYLA amendents can be found in the Rules section of the OYLA website.

How are teams organized?

At the 1/2 level, all boys practice on the same field at the same time (historically Wednesday evenings) and play games at the same time (Sunday afternoons). Players are broken into smaller units (i.e. "teams").  As noted, LOYL represents all of Lake Oswego and 1/2 "teams" are comprised of players from multiple grade schools.  As much as possible, players are paired with someone from their grade school, but they are also mixed with players from other grade schools. LOYL finds that mixing players between teams builds new friendships between our program's players and parents.  Each team is coached by parent coaches.


At all other levels, LOYL has a week of player assessments (and coach training) at the beginning of each season.  At the end of these assessments, coaches convene and divide the players into equal teams (i.e. skill levels and athleticism are mixed as equally as possible between each team).  Each team is coached by parent coaches.


At all levels, LOYL seeks to teach players the game in a fast and fun way, focusing on always training fundamentals.  We seek to promote the game in a positive way at all times.

How long is the season and how many games should I expect?

The season usually goes from March through early June.  Games are subject to scheduling, but families can expect 10-12 games during this time period and practices once (1st/2nd level) to twice (all other levels) a week.  On occasion, LOYL teams will have a midweek game that will be held in lieu of practice.  Closer to the season, LOYL will have a more exact schedule for parents.

Does LOYL allow players to "play up" to the next age/grade group?

LOYL does not allow players to play up. For the committed player looking for more competition and time on the field we recommend considering the LOYL Select program.

What is the Boys Select Program and how does it work?

Each season, LOYL has an additional Boys and Girl's Select Program at 5/6 and 7/8 levels for players wanting a more competitive experience and to play in a few local tournaments.  Players will be evaluated for commitment and level of play and will be asked to participate.  LOYL will field one or two Select teams each spring.  These teams require additional fees for paid coaches and to cover tournament fees.  Practices are typically Sunday afternoons and some week nights prior to tournaments.

To qualify for our Select teams, players MUST play in our rec leagues, as Select is a complement to rec and not a replacement for it.


What is Battle of Lake Oswego (BOLO) and how can I get involved?

Battle of Lake Oswego (BOLO) is a youth and middle school select tournament hosted by Lake Oswego Youth Lacrosse on Memorial Day weekend. The inaugural BOLO was in 2010. BOLO is the one of the largest select tournaments in the West with almost 60 teams, silver and gold championship brackets and youth and middle school All Star Games.

Where do I buy the equipment and what do I need to get?

LOYL has established a partnership with Dick's Sporting Goods for lacrosse equipment.  Dick's provides general discounts and specific discount days that allow LOYL participants to buy equipment at a reduced rate.  Additionally, Required equipment for boys are helmets, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, sticks, athletic cups and mouth pieces.  Required equipment for girls are eye protection, mouthpieces, and sticks.


If players take care of their equipment and parents purchase an adjustable helmet, all should last for multiple seasons.

When and where will practices be held?

The LOYL website will have an updated schedule to notify parents and players of the location and time for practices and games.  Please refer to the website for updates.

Where do I find the practice and game schedules?

Practice and game schedules will be posted on the individual TeamSnaps, LOYL website and updated regularly.  Each program practices twice per week and will play 1-2 weekly games.  In addition, there are tournaments on the schedule, typically towards the end of the season in May.

How do I volunteer with LOYL as a coach or an administrator?

The success of the LOYL program is based on the hard work of volunteers.  If you would like to help in any way, please contact loyllacrosse@gmail.com to inquire about volunteer opportunities.  We appreciate the support.