2024 Registration OPEN!

2024 Registration Info


When registering, the player name MUST MATCH name spelling on your US Lacrosse Player Membership. Please do not register with your child's nickname.
US Lacrosse Membership needs to be VALID through the entirety of the season - June 3, 2024.

If you want your TeamSnap accounts to sync, please register with the email already linked to your current TeamSnap account.

If applicable, please add both parent's contact information while registering.  Saves us a step later.

REGSAVER - TeamSnap will offer a Registration Saver (refund option) and we do not have the option to turn this off this year. Please do not pay for this.  LOYL will refund registration fees, minus transaction fees, prior to season starting if there is an injury or change of heart.

LOYL Fees:

  • 1st-4th: $100
  • 5th-8th: $250
  • US Lacrosse Membership www.uslacrosse.org/join - $35
    Uniform Cost
  • Full uniform (boys $75, girls $70)
    A la carte (jersey $45, boy's shorts $30, girl's skirt $25)


  • 1st-2nd - two days a week including Saturday game
  • 3rd-8th - three days a week including Saturday game

Game Format:

  • 1/2 Boys - 4v4, no goalie
  • 1/2 Girls - 4v4, no goalie
  • 3/4 Boys - 6v6
  • 3/4 Girls - 7v7, no goalie
  • 5/6 Boys - 10v10
  • 5/6 Girls - 12v12
  • 7/8 Boys - 10v10
  • 7/8 Girls - 12v12

Season Start:

  • 1st-2nd Boys - Week of April 1st
  • 1st-2nd Girls - Week of February 26th
  • 3rd-8th Grades - Week of February 26th
  • Games Start:

Girls:  Jamboree - March 16th/17th & Games - April 6th
Boys: Games - April 7th

Season End:

  • Boys - June 3rd
  • Girls: May 18th (Last games)
  • Girls: Possible End of Season Tournament

Sibling Discount:

Sibling #1 full price. Additional siblings deduct $20 from registration fee.  In order to receive deduction kids need to be registered at the same time.

Select Teams:

Boys and Girl’s 5th/6th and 7th/8th will field competitive teams for additional practice / tournament options and additional costs may incur.  Players will be picked based on practice and game commitment/performance.

Uniform Notes: 

Returning players can wear last year's uniform if it still fits and is in good condition.  The design has not changed for the 2024 season. We have options for purchasing a full uniform for new players or a la carte if items need to be replaced.  Please note:  we believe this to be the last year of this uniform’s cycle.  So only purchase replacement items if needed.

Team Store:

Optional items will be available to purchase via GearUp (ex. shooter shirt, sweatshirt, sweatpants, beanies, etc.).  www.loyl.gearupsports.net
If uniform cost places a financial hardship on your family, please contact Whitney Bechtold at loyluniforms@gmail.com.
Equipment Notes:

Advance requirement: US Lacrosse Youth Membership - $35.

www.uslacrosse.org/join. Required for new and returning players. Must have an expiration date of 6/3/24 or after in order for registration to be completed.


Helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, stick (long sticks for 7th/8th only), mouth guard, protective cup and cleats.


Goggles or helmet, mouth guard, stick and cleats. Helmets are optional.

No refunds will be made for any equipment or uniforms by Lake Oswego Youth Lacrosse.

As of January 1, 2022, all boys lacrosse players are required to wear shoulder pads that meet the National Operating Committee on Standard for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE). This new equipment update is intended to make the sport safer for our players. Please read more here: https://www.usalacrosse.com/sites/default/files/documents/Safety/chest-protection-USL M-july.pdf

Dick’s Sporting Goods will host a discount weekend for LOYL.  Dates to be determined and will be sent out via email.

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